Protect YOUR style

Add coverage to your new product and enjoy it worry-free


Protect YOUR style

woman with hairdryer

Add coverage to your new product and enjoy it worry-free


Protect your purchases from:

failuresMechanical and Electrical Failures
power surgeDamage Due to Power Surges
wear and tearFailures Due to Normal Wear and Tear
heat and dustHeat, Dust, and Humidity Failures

Qualifying products:

Hair Dryers
curling iron
Curling Irons
lighted mirror
Lighted Mirrors
clippers and trimmers
Clippers & Trimmers
electric shaver
Electric Shavers
and more
And More!
Product Price 1-Yr Plan
Less than $50 $5
$50-$99.99 $8
$100-$149.99 $15
$150-$199.99 $20
$200-$349.99 $25
$350-$499.99 $40

How to add coverage:

in store
In stores,
ask an associate
add protection
Online, select Add protection
After you add your product to your basket and go to checkout
Save your receipt
  1. Take a photo of your receipt
  2. Text the image to 20333
  3. We'll text back to confirm, and keep your receipt on file for easy access at

Filing a claim is easy:

1For product breakdowns, contact us at or 1-866-529-9889.
2Return the product to us and we'll issue a Sally Beauty Gift Card for the full purchase price excluding sales tax.